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In 1990, the Town of Normal published a "2015 Report," created by a citizen Vision Committee, establishing a bold vision for the Town over the subsequent 25 years. In order to ensure that the Report did not become out-of-date and stale, the Town decided to convene a new citizen Vision Committee every half-decade to update the vision. The resulting Vision Reports - the 2020 Report, the 2025 Report, the 2030 Report, and the Sustainability Plan and 2035 Report -  have been enormously influential on how the Town has been governed.

In 2015, the Town elected to delay the 2040 update by a year to better integrate the Vision with the Comprehensive Plan. The Vision Committee was able to use the Community Outreach and Snapshot Report as a resource, and the final Comprehensive Plan will be in sync with the Vision.

The 2040 Vision, at left, creates an ambitious, high-level framework of eight Core Values to guide planning and policymaking. It is bold, timely, and forward-thinking, all necessary qualities as we move into the uncharted waters of the next 25 years.