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Look around the Town and it’s clear that Normal and Normalites excel at innovation!

While celebrating over  150 years of Normal-ity, the community is also adapting to the new century and new realities. In just a few years, the community has revitalized Uptown Normal while navigating shifts in institutions, commerce, and expectations. PlanIt Normal—the rewrite to the Comprehensive Plan since mid 1990's and last updated in 2005—will help the community continue that pattern. The planning process, which began in August 2015 and was completed in November 2017, established an enduring vision and serve as a blueprint for translating that vision into reality.

The first two phases of the planning process, the existing conditions analysis and the visioning process, are now complete. See About for more on the comprehensive plan process, and use the Reports dropdown at the top of the page to see the deliverables from the two completed phases.

Phase 1, Existing Conditions, culminated in the Community Snapshot and Outreach Report. Section 1 of the report, the Community Snapshot, is a detailed assessment of the Town’s existing land use patterns, demographic and economic trends, current initiatives, past plans, and other information and analysis that help identify current strengths and potential future challenges. Section 2, the Outreach Report, is the product of months of outreach activities, including a community survey that received over 1,700 responses and interviews with more than 40 critical agencies and organizations.

Phase 2, the Visioning process, was led by the Town of Normal's Vision Committee, a team of engaged Normal residents selected by Mayor Chris Koos to steer the Town's once-every-half-decade Vision Report. The Town of Normal 2040 Vision establishes eight Core Values and an overall vision statement to shape the Town's growth and development between now and 2040. If the Community Snapshot and Outreach Report is the empirical foundation of the final plan— the document that tells us how things are today—the Vision is the normative foundation. The Vision guides us in determining how Normal should evolve over the next two and a half decades.

Phase 3, Strategic Planning, built on the foundations laid by the first two phases. Advisory Groups met over a period of five months to collaboratively identify goals, strategies, and actions, all guided by the findings of the Existing Conditions phase and the 2040 Vision. Staff used the advisory groups' feedback to shape the final plan (Town of Normal 2040 Comprehensive Plan), which includes a Planning Framework (land use plan) and seven Elements (Housing, Economic Vitality, Health & Sustainability, Infrastructure & Public Safety, Humanitarian & Social Aspects, Town & Gown, and Community Identity & Public Places) that provide policy recommendations.


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